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" It is the inalienable right of any and all Americans to live in a community free from violence. We seek to form a new American community, committed to creating a peaceful and safe place to live, protecting all who choose to join its ranks. "

                                                                          - Anonymous

There are many issues that mark our time.  Perhaps none more profound than the violence we live with as a norm in our society.  We all wish we knew the answer.  However, none seems straightforward enough to be the obvious solution.

Perhaps there is a path to peace and safety in our country.  I would be very grateful if you would invest an hour of your time with me and read the screenplay at the end of this link. 

Your feedback is truly appreciated.  It is my intent to bring this story to the screen.  With your input, we can get this right. 


Let’s take our turn together and change the world “In Our Lifetime”.

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